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Crucible of Singularities

The Crucible of Singularities (hereafter CS) aims to collect and highlight the products of the human imagination.

What do we call a Singularity? Here are the criteria that define it:

  • An original concept from your imagination
  • An irreducible quality showing professional spirit
  • The desire to share something new that could benefit others

Your Singularity can be as well a novel, a short story, a tale, a poem, a thesis, a parable or simply pure art.

Here is the format in which you can present it:

  • Text only
  • Collection of texts
  • Text(s) and image(s)
  • Image only (a note of intent is always welcome)
  • Collection of images
  • Note: a PDF file can be attached with every Singularity

Some rules of publication:

  • All content must belong to you
  • You can only post content that has never been posted on the Internet before
  • Your work must have a unique nature: you can not take inspiration from already known universes (books, films, etc.)
  • Nudity, violence and death must be artistic, poetic or aesthetic in their presentation.
  • Excessive macabre, gratuitous rudeness and pornography are not allowed.
  • You are encouraged to translate your work as much as possible. The languages available at the moment are: French and English

Note: the CS committee will automatically correct the typing and spelling errors if they are not too many (otherwise your work will be rejected and will need to be reworked). We may fully understand that making mistake is only human, but we can not do all the work for you.

On a case by case basis, we can, if you wish, assist you in the translation of your shortest texts.

You must have an account on and have validated your email address in order to publish in the CS.

Conditions of Sales

Preamble (hereafter the "website" or "our site") sells only digital benefits. No material good will be sent.

The digital benefits obtained on are only valid on the entire website.

Given that we are free of ads, sales on allow us to pay for server hosting and the maintenance of the entire website, including its applications.

Any purchase on our site is taken seriously and ensures you a minimum customer service:

  • Weekly backup of your account data: in case of failure, your account can be restored
  • Protecting your privacy: your information belongs to you no matter what happens
  • Troubleshooting by email: if you encounter any difficulty during your browsing on or when using its applications, we are here to help you

We thank you for your understanding and for your contribution.

Eligibility: who can buy on

Anyone who has reached the age of 18 or is of age in the country from which he or she accesses this website.

In addition, it is necessary to create an account on and enter an email address to access the paid features.

One Wall for all Humanity

1) Purchase of spiritual animals (hereafter SA)

The number of spiritual animals obtained with each purchase is random. Each formula is different:

  • For 1€ : you get between 2 and 7 SA
  • For 2€ : you get between 4 and 14 SA
  • For 3€ : you get between 6 and 25 SA

The number of spiritual animals obtained is digitally generated. For example, for the 1€ formula, you are guaranteed to have at least 2 SA, but you have the possibility to get up to 7.

In all circumstances, you always pay for the minimum of SA obtainable. Any result beyond this minimum is considered a SA bonus, in addition of your purchase.

Written differently

  • 1€ = 2 SA (+ 0~5 SA offered with the purchase)
  • 2€ = 4 Sa (+ 0~10 SA offered with the purchase)
  • 3€ = 6 Sa (+ 0~19 SA offered with the purchase)

2) Purchase of custom action

Actions are one way for the users to express themselves on the Wall for all Humanity.

A custom action is an action for which the buyer has defined a name, and for which he may add a description.

Any custom action purchased will then be available to all users.

By agreeing to purchase a custom action, the buyer agrees not to use hateful or discriminatory language. He agrees to find a compromise with the moderators in case of dispute concerning the modifications made to his custom action.

The moderators of the website may at any time modify an action without notifying the buyer beforehand (he will be notified in all cases, but not necessarily before the said modification).

List of possible modifications:

  • Remove hateful or discriminatory remarks
  • Perform grammatical, orthographic or syntactic corrections
  • Adjust vocabulary, for literary standardization purposes
  • Add translations or descriptions if missing

The buyer has a minimum control over these changes. He can discuss and appeal for them if they are incorrect in regard of the list of possible changes listed above.

The moderators have the obligation to be as understanding as possible, nevertheless, they must answer quality requirements concerning the texts published on our site.

The buyer must reach a rational compromise with the moderators, he is engaged by the simple fact of having bought a custom action.

Refund policy will not make any refund. However, in the cases mentioned below:

  • non-conformity of a product: in case of partial or non-existent receipt of a product,
  • in the event of interruption of services greater than 24 hours,
  • litigation due to a misinterpretation of the terms of sale,

we promise to compensate you in the form of various digital benefits.


All our cookies have a one year lifetime at minimum.

Cookie usage

  • Differenciate users
  • Maintaining session between two browsings
  • Saving your preferences, such as the language
  • Remembering the user's choices, like this little click agreeing with cookies
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