Social network:
One Wall for all Humanity

Depicting Humanity as a patchwork of individualities

An exquisite corpse-style social network

What if everyone shared the same identity? Each personality contributing to modify a parcel of a common profile for all.

Everyone can publish what goes through their heads on the same single wall. Vote to delete, bury or support the publications of all.

This is what "One Wall for all Humanity" offers you to do.

Humanity: between essence and interpretation

Humanity: between essence and interpretation
And you, how would you represent it?

An upside down social network

Although you can bring your unique personal touch, you remain incognito; you are thus blending into the mass of users.

Each change you make is anonymous: you are theoretically untraceable (unless you leave a glaring clue to identify you).

There is no personality, nor individuality, nor "watch-my-life-dude". You can't get in touch with a particular individual, however, you do communicate with everyone at the same time; indiscriminately.

What's the point?

Indulge yourself and have fun! Participate in this human scale puzzle and see what kind of abomination will appear...
Bring your personal touch to this unprecedented experience: leave a trace of yourself and see if the community accepts, denigrates or supports you
Contribute to portray mankind: without you, the big picture would be incomplete. Each of us participate in our own way to paint a more accurate portrait, do not let the fools give a (too) bad image of our species. People getting depressing? Balance with positive thoughts. People are going rainbow-unicorn? Break it to them... or not? Your life, your choice.

What's in the next updates?

Currently, the profile part is quite restricted. Additional information will be added (musical preferences, literary, etc.)

Mini-games will be added in order to expand the concept.

You will have the opportunity to participate in the "Actions of Humanity" to accumulate participation points. A reward system will be set up for this purpose, with various titles that will be officially attributed to you depending on your achievements.

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